Finding this attractive selfie on my phone

Cruissssing! Just got to Adams all safe and sound :D

Successful shop today! Thanks momma

Dad bought a kayak and we’ve been out on it since I finished work, loving this! :D

This bat just flew into the door, flew into me. It’s flew of now so it’s not dead! XD

Been diverted from the Tamar bridge and now I’m on a ferry. This has been the longest fucking day ever I just wanna get where I’m going and everything is going wrong D:

Adam’s all moved in! Just relaxing now, missed this man so much and I’m so happy he’s here for good :) I love you!

I’m in Luke’s car

He does not like his swag coat @rhiall3x

Your an all star


When people try and talk to me in work

R.I.P you fucking legend xxx

The lost boys version of my Dad, he was 25 here. Looks about 15! XD